Why Organizers Use Us

ShowFloor 0The event organizer is the custodian of the event and has an independent duty to ensure all exhibitors have adequate Liability Insurance. A third party has cause of action against the organizer when an adequate Insured exhibitor is negligent causing injury and or property damage.

Hold Harmless agreements in no way affects the public's right to sue the vendor, event organizer, or both, for damages an attendee sustains at the event.

A national survey, by one of the largest show organizer companies in the world, concluded that up to 49% of exhibitors do not have adequate insurance coverage.

Popular misconceptions exhibitors have are:

  • The event organizer Insurance covers them
  • Liability coverage relates to losses to their own property
  • Their current Insurance policy automatically covers them at an exhibition

Each certificate of insurance will list the convention and trade show organizer as an additional insured, giving peace of mind and diminishing the potential for a claim being brought against the event organizer.

  • We provide the event organizer with the necessary order form to insert into the exhibitors manual.
  • We provide an online ordering system that allows exhibitors to purchase and print their policy in seconds.
  • A network of information will be made available to promote a safe event and to educate the exhibitor on their responsibilities.
  • exhibitorinsurance.com will provide other value added services at no cost to the event organizer.
  • Provide links between the event organizer and exhibitorinsurance.com websites.

exhibitorinsurance.com offers a win-win solution to their exposure at no cost to the organizer and at lower rates than the exhibitor could arrange on their own.

  • Our exhibitorinsurance.com program exclusively specializes in the convention and trade show industry.
  • exhibitorinsurance.com presently services thousands of events.
  • Your exhibitorinsurance.com team of professionals are ready to provide our service for your next event.


Q. Does the exhibitor have the proper Liability coverage for their participation at a show?
No! A nation-wide survey clearly revealed up to 49% do not.

Q. How is it that many do not have the proper Insurance?
Many home based businesses today, have what is called home owners incidental business Insurance and the Liability coverage does not extend to events. Another concern is for the out of country exhibitors whose policies do not extend to shows outside of their country. Unless the exhibitor has had full disclosure with their Insurer, coverage for exhibitions would not be included in their commercial policy.

Q. Have there been any Liability claims to speak of?
The most common claims are what the Insurance industry refers to as "Slips, trips and falls" There have been claims in the millions of dollars.

Q. Does a Hold harmless agreement have any merit in a court of law?
The Hold harmless does not remove the onus of Liability from the Organizers. The Show organizer has an independent duty to ensure that all exhibitors have sufficient Insurance.

Q. What can I do to make sure all of my exhibitors are in compliance?
Be proactive, advise all of your exhibitors that they must have the required coverage and only allow the exhibitors to set up, once they have provided the necessary certificates. Give your exhibitors the options to work with. Contact the Exhibitor Insurance professionals and find out the many effective ways of implementing the 100% effective system at no costto the Organizer.
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