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We are the convention and trade show insurance specialists, serving thousands of events and over and tens of thousands of exhibitors.

Broad flexible coverage, low rates, generous limits, state of the art online ordering all made possible by the massive number of exhibitors and organizers participating in this program.

Our online ordering website will process your application and have an email sent back to you with your certificate and receipt in less than 3 minutes....

When you are going to your next event and want to be secure in knowing that you are covered, contact the specialists at www.exhibitorinsurance.com


Q. Why do I need Liability Insurance, doesn't the Show Organizer's Insurance cover us?
The Organizers policy is only responsible for the common areas outside of the Exhibitors booth, it is the responsibility of each and every exhibitor to arrange their own coverage. In many circumstances, the Organizer has to comply with their own Insurance companies requirements that all exhibitors have sufficient Liability insurance before they can set up at the venue.

Q. What could possibly go wrong in my 200 square foot booth, I am only giving out brochures, I don't have anything that could give rise to a claim?
The most common Liability claims are what the Insurance Industry refers to as "Slips, trips and falls"
there have been numerous claims of this type. With some resulting in judgements awarded in excess of a Million dollars.

Q. What about my own property coverage in case it is lost, stolen, or damaged in transit or at the booth, will I be covered?
Yes, if you purchase our optional property coverage your contents are covered while in transit and at the show. Transit coverage offered by shipping companies usually offer transit Insurance coverage that is far below the actual value of your property, it is usually determined by weight instead of actual value and they don't cover your contents at the booth. Please refer to our applications or schedule of coverage for our property contents limit.

Q. Would it make any sense to take out this specialized Exhibition coverage even if I have my own commercial Policy?
It is always good advice to check to see if your existing policy would meet all of the Organizers requirements. Many times, Exhibitors with their own commercial policy will take out this program and for many reasons:
  • Their policy does not meet the minimum coverage requirements.
  • The deductible may be lower on this program.
  • Their policy is from overseas and does not extend to the country where they are exhibiting.
  • Claims made on this program, will not tarnish your own policy.
  • Companies simply don't have the time to deal with all of the certificate arrangements and need the coverage Now!
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